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Is this the best home theatre in the world?

Home entertainment has come a long way from Atari’s Pong and the video cassette recorders of the 1980’s, replaced with cutting edge technology delivering the highest quality gaming experiences, cinema quality DVD’s and most recently movies in 3D.

For the lucky few, many architects are incorporating home theatres into their residential designs, satisfying their clients’ needs for an inclusive family living experience incorporating spaces for work, play and essential family needs.

Vendors and real estate agents must not confuse a big TV in a room as a home theatre though. Today’s best home theatres are a near perfect miniaturisation of a cinema complex, using advanced projection equipment, sound systems, custom seating – with the essential cup holder – and signature cinema furnishings.

Those with home theatres have commented how much fun it is to have friends and family over to watch movies or major sporting events.  An increasing number of homes in Australia are now featuring sophisticated home theatres bringing to life the magic of movies and allowing families to bond in new ways in an entertainment rich culture…throwing popcorn at mum’s head has never been so much fun.

By Phil Brook


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