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Property insight: How to prepare to shoot a great property video

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

The advance in technology and online media has created many new opportunities for real estate professionals to gain an advantage in a highly competitive industry. Ever more present, video presentation is seen as a pivotal tool in showcasing a property’s most salient features and best qualities.

According to Digital Media Manager – Nick Keenan of, there are some simple rules that should be followed prior and during the shoot:

  1. Ensure the property is de-cluttered as much as possible and remove personalised objects. Hide wires, straighten bookshelves and coordinate furniture to heighten the sense of space. For kitchens, remove obvious appliances and clear benchtops of objects. Soft furnishings should be fluffed and bed sheets straightened.  In preparing the outdoors, the same rules apply such as hiding bins, removing cars from driveways and clearing away leaves.
  2. Agents involved in the shoot must have a thorough knowledge of the property prior to the shoot and understand what angles and rooms will best highlight the home. If necessary have a script prepared, as a natural, flowing presentation will be more likely to influence the audience.
  3. Pick the right time of day to do the shoot. Be aware of the direction of sunlight, particularly for outdoor scenic shots and be conscious of any noise interruptions that might occur during the video.
  4. Property styling can reinvigorate interiors. Adding contemporary furniture, artwork and flowers can provide a splash of colour and create a chic modern aesthetic.

Above all, it is important that all parties understand the purpose and objectives of the video and ensure it complements the overall marketing strategy.

Words – Phil Brook


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